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Tiny Leaf | Necklace | Mum edition

Tiny Leaf | Necklace | Mum edition

Necklace with small leaf and punched pendant


Tiny Leaf | Necklace | Mum edition

Necklace with small leaf and punched pendant


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  • LEAF *


  • Number and characters *

  • One punched character *

    The character will be punched respecting the indicated upper or lower case. Type the character @ if you wish to punch the heart symbol instead of a letter.Max: 1 characters

  • Two punched characters *

    Write the two characters separated by commas (e.g. A,M). Write the character @ if you wish to punch the heart symbol instead of a letter. The characters will be punched in the indicated upper or lower case and will be attached to the chain in the order in which they were written.

  • Three punched characters *

    Write the three characters separated by commas (e.g. A,M,C). Write the character @ if you wish to punch the heart symbol instead of a letter. The characters will be punched respecting the upper or lower case indicated and will be attached to the chain in the order in which they were written.


  • Type *

  • Custom engraving *

    The initial of the word will be engraved respecting the indicated upper or lower case (e.g. Love or love).Max: 6 characters


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    You can choose whether to receive the necklace inside the kraft box with jute and cotton ribbon or in the packaging dedicated to the mum.

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Handmade for you in our laboratory in Italy


eco-sustainable packaging


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Let’s talk about it together!

Necklace with fine 18k gold chain, small leaf and punched pendant(s).

The chain is 45 cm long, with double clasp options at 42 and 45 cm.

Each punched pendant has a diameter of approximately 6mm.

When purchasing, it is possible to customise the jewel by choosing:

the type of leaf by selecting it from those available.
the number of pendants.
the letter (lower or upper case) or symbol (heart) you wish to punch.

The necklace has a gold pendant tag on the back engraved with the word ‘mum’. Should you wish to receive the necklace without the tag or should you prefer to personalise the engraving, please select one of the variants: ‘No pendant tag’ or ‘Personalised tag’. Personalised engraving is subject to a surcharge.

The jewellery from the Leaves collection is created from real leaves, thanks to the lost-wax casting and moulding technique, preserving every smallest detail, grain and irregularity of the original models.

Each piece is unique and may be slightly different from the one pictured.



18k gold necklace and pendant with the features described.

Greeting message (optional). If your purchase is a gift and you wish to have the receipt by email (instead of the receipt in the package), please tick the appropriate box.

Insured shipping with courier in Italy.

Green packaging in your choice of Kraft box with jute and cotton ribbon or ‘Love you mum’ card.

This model can be made in green gold, red gold or white gold. 

By creating the alloys to be joined to pure gold (24k) to make it workable (18k) I have the possibility to “play” with the percentages of the different elements and thus obtain different and particular colorations.

GREEN GOLD has a unique color, a very pale yellow that is crafted using a larger proportion of silver and a smaller proportion of copper in the alloy that is combined with pure gold. In RED GOLD, vice-versa, there is a higher percentage of copper than silver.

Green gold best enhances worked surfaces; red gold has a strong allure and the charm of the past.

Both colors glorify the unicity of the handcrafted creations and carry the beauty of an ancient know-how.

That’s what makes them so special to me.

For more info on colors and raw materials click HERE.

The punched pendants can be made with a scratched/matt finish that makes the surface more textural or with a polished, more traditional finish.

For more info on finishes and raw materials click HERE.

The chain is 45 cm long, with double clasp options at 42 and 45 cm.

As far as care is concerned, there are no absolute prohibitions but, as it is a delicate piece of jewellery, I advise you to be careful, to wear it as your last accessory before leaving the house, so that the thin chain does not risk catching on your clothes and remove it during the night.

CLEANING: Should you wish to clean the ring, you can soak it in lukewarm soapy water and use a soft cloth. Always rinse well with lukewarm water to remove soap scum and residue.

Custom-made jewellery is generally delivered in 10-20 working days.

Orders placed over the weekend (between Saturday evening and Monday evening) will be taken on the following Tuesday.

At certain times of the year (e.g., Christmas season, summer closure) these directions may change; we will communicate updated timelines in the dedicated notices banner located at the top of each page of the website.


We care that you are satisfied with your purchase.
If you are not satisfied, the right of withdrawal must be exercised within 14 (fourteen) working days from the date of delivery.

Please, before making the return, contact us by email in order to receive all the necessary directions.

The return of purchased items is made on the condition that the returned product is in the same condition as it was delivered: the jewelry must not have been used or worn, must be undamaged, and must be returned in its original packaging.

Within 14 (fourteen) business days after regular return, upon verification of the condition of the product, we will make a refund of the price, with the same method of payment used by the customer for the purchase and in the same currency.

Shipping and return charges, taxes or any customization costs (engravings or or modifications to the standard model in the shop and requested by you) remain the responsibility of the customer.

Return is excluded for products made to a particular jewel design requested and agreed upon via e-mail with the customer.

Returns from non-EU countries are the responsibility of the customer.

For more information click HERE.

If I buy from Switzerland, the USA or the UK what prices will I be shown?

If you choose the UK, US or Switzerland as the country of delivery, the system will automatically deduct Italian VAT (22%) and show you the updated total without VAT. When you place your order, you will then pay the shipping costs and the price excluding VAT for the products in your shopping cart. Upon delivery, you will have to pay UK, US or Swiss VAT and customs fees.

Is it possible to try on the jewels and see them in person?

Yes, it is possible, in our workshop in the historical center of Genoa – Vico di San Donato 7. With the exception of our wedding rings, which are always viewable, most jewels are made to order; so, if you wish
to see a particular model, contact us in advance to find out whether it’s available in the lab.

You can book an appointment by clicking HERE.

Is your jewelry for sale in other shops?

No, the only store where you can buy My Golden Age jewelry is our workshop in Vico di San Donato 7, Genoa (Italy).

The only alternative at the moment is the online shop.

Do you make silver jewelry?

No, we only work with 18k gold.

Is it possible to use my own gold and/or stones to craft a new jewel?

Yes, it is possible, but only if the gold and/or stones are delivered to our workshop in person.

Is the diameter of the pendant customisable?

The pendant can be made in the size you prefer, but the size of the punched character cannot be changed. Please contact us to request a customised order or for more information.

Can the necklace also be made with other leaves?

If you do not find the leaf you want among those available, we can look for other solutions together. If the desired leaf is still to be stamped and cast, the production time will be longer than indicated.

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