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Is it possible to try on the jewels and see them in person?

Yes, it is possible, in our workshop in the historical center of Genoa – Vico di San Donato 7. With the exception of our wedding rings, which are always viewable, most jewels are made to order; so, if you wish to see a particular model, contact us in advance to find out whether it’s available in the lab. You can book an appointment by clicking HERE.

Is your jewelry for sale in other shops?

No, the only store where you can buy My Golden Age jewelry is our workshop in Vico di San Donato 7, Genoa. The only alternative at the moment is the online shop.

Do you make silver jewelry?

No, we only work with 18k gold.

Is it possible to use my own gold and/or stones to craft a new jewel?

Yes, it is possible, but only if the gold and/or stones are delivered to our workshop in person.

What is green gold?

Green gold is a peculiar colorway of gold, a pale yellow that is artisanally crafted by using more silver and less copper in the alloy that is combined with pure gold to make it workable. I typically craft my jewels in green gold rather than the more traditional yellow gold, because I want my jewels to stand out from the mass production and because the lighter color helps the worked surfaces stand out better.

What is red gold?

Red gold is a peculiar colorway of gold, a copper/rose hue that is artisanally crafted by using more copper and less silver in the alloy that is combined with pure gold to make it workable. I like to craft my jewels in red gold because of the way this color recalls the jewels and the styles of the past.

Can I purchase a ring even if I don’t know the correct size?

If you are buying a ring as a gift and you don’t have the possibility to figure out the size, you can purchase a medium sized ring and then get in touch with us to have it adjusted at a later date. Otherwise, read HERE

How far in advance should we order our wedding rings?

My advice to future spouses is to order their rings at least three months before the wedding, in order to have plenty of time for any necessary adjustments.

Are the wedding ring holders pictured on the website available for purchase?

Not all of them, but many are available.

When you add two rings to the cart, you’ll have the option to add a ring holder to your order, choosing your favorite among the available models, upon checkout.

Do the wedding rings come with a specific packaging?

Yes, we deliver all rings inside a handcrafted case; to make sure you receive it, please let us know that you are purchasing rings by selecting FREE packaging upon checkout. The selection only appears if there are at least two rings in your cart.

Can this model be made with other stones too?

This ring can be crafted with other stones; look for the other available models in the Shop or contact us and we’ll share all the options with you.

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