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Measure a ring you already have.

  • Choose a ring that fits correctly on your finger.
  • Measure the inside diameter (in mm); if you have a caliper available, the risk of error is greatly reduced.
  • Use the table below to determine the correct size.


If you are unable to measure an existing ring, or if you want to make sure that the size is exactly right, you can purchase our sizing kit.  It consists of a mandrel and a set of rings; the former is useful if you already have a ring of the correct size, while the latter allows you to try on different solutions and choose the size that fits best.


As right and left hands are often quite different, it is crucial to measure a ring that fits the exact same finger on which the new ring shall be worn.

In case of wedding rings or an engagement ring, you’ll need to measure a ring that fits the left ring finger.

Try measuring at different times of day, because our hands tend to be more swollen towards the end of the day; this way, you’ll have more chances to choose the right solution for you.

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