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When it comes to caring for your ring, there are no absolute “dont’s”, since the type of metal and most of the stones we use do not suffer from contact with other substances*; however, since it is a delicate piece of jewelry, I recommend not wearing the ring if you are doing manual work that could damage it (e.g. gardening, pottery, sports, housework), wearing it last before you leave the house so that you avoid the risk of getting the tips caught on your clothes, and taking it off at night.

If one of the tips of the setting gets caught in something or has to undergo severe stress, it could lift up or get bent and lose its ability to hold the stone securely.

These kinds of accidents may never happen, as well as they can happen years later, or on the day after purchase, so my advice is to pay attention and treat the jewelry with due care, as well as having the setting’s solidity checked if you notice any unintentional accidents.


If you wish to clean your ring with a DIY method, you can soak it in a glass of alcohol overnight and then scrub it gently with an old toothbrush.

It will be as good as new!

This treatment works well for 18k gold jewelry and most stones; it cannot be used for jewelry with pearls and corals, and is not recommended for jewelry with more delicate stones such as opals and chalcedony*.


Like all metals, gold tends to wear down over time; its wear often affects the surface of rings.

Polished surfaces gradually become scratched and dulled, while scratched surfaces tend to even out; hammered surfaces may last a little longer, since hammering marks the metal more deeply, but they are still affected by time.

This depends not only on the passing of time, but also on the kind of work you do, especially if you never take off the ring. 

One of the positive features of gold, compared to other metals, is that it can always be reworked; so if you ever want to restore the surface to the way it was on day one, you can. If you’re wondering if and when it’s best to take action, let me tell you that there is no one-size-fits-all rule: some people like to have the finish adjusted every year, others wait several years, while others still prefer to leave the signs of time untouched.

* To find out if the jewelry you purchased includes any stones that need special care, please refer to the CARE AND MAINTENANCE item on the product page at the time of purchase.

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