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My name is Luca and in my goldsmith’s workshop I craft one-of-a-kind jewels

All my favorite childhood memories are set in my father’s workshop, which was a constant throughout the various stages of my life.

Being in touch with stones, gold, and tools of the trade on a daily basis allowed me to quickly get skilled in working with precious metals, to learn bench working techniques, and to find out that the world of goldsmithery is so vast that it sparks a constant desire to learn more.

This is why I briefly left Genoa in 2005 and moved to Florence, where I studied gemmology and gem setting at the “Le Arti Orafe” academy.

What started out as a “simple” course of study turned into an amazing life experience, and being in touch with students from all over the world helped me hone my style through contaminations, re-interpretations of ancient techniques, and a search for the essential.

Over the following years I experimented a lot, more than a lot, and at the end I realized that the beauty I was seeking actually lay within the simplicity of shapes and, all the more, in the uniqueness of small details.

My Golden Age was beginning to take shape, with all the care and the slow pace that have always been distinctive of my work. Then, in 2012, as I was crafting the wedding rings for my own wedding, I realized that it would be the perfect world to get started in. A world made of beautiful stories. A world that made me feel good.

What unfolded over the following years was a rapid sequence of hard work and great satisfactions, that we could recap as follows:

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Thursday, August 29, 2018
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Thursday, August 28, 2018
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