Free delivery for orders over 300€

All orders are shipped by courier and are insured against theft and damage during transit. The insurance covers up to the time of delivery.

Upon delivery, the customer is required to verify the integrity of the package before signing the receipt.

My Golden Age guarantees the title of the metal and the stones, that is, that they are of the declared carat. It also guarantees the absence of defects in the workmanship and materials used for the manufacture of jewelry for a period of two years from the date of delivery.

In the event that the claims you raise during the warranty period are well founded and accepted, we will repair the jewel, which will be returned to you at our expense.

The warranty is excluded if the defects of the jewels are caused and/or result from:- any repairs, alterations and/or changes made by third parties and not authorized by us;- normal wear of the materials- improper use of the jewels.

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ti aspettiamo in lab

Se desideri vedere uno o più gioielli in particolare ricorda di segnalarlo nelle note nell’apposito spazio del form a fianco, così potremo controllarne la disponibilità e avvisarti in caso non riuscissimo ad averli pronti per la data fissata.