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bridal jewelry

We love to create jewels that have a strong bond with tradition, without compromising on the uniqueness of details and the authenticity of shapes. Earrings, necklaces and many handcrafted solutions, tailor-made to fulfill every bride’s wishes and style.
From the purity of classical pearls, combined with the charm of our Leaves collection, to the recklessness of baroque pearls, enhanced by the sheer elegance of diamonds, by way of bohemian influences and retro details.

"Every one of our jewels is unique, as is every bride’s style"


jacket earrings

When we talk about “jacket earring” we refer to a jewel composed of two distinct elements: a lobe earring + a pendant.

pendant earrings

Pendant earrings, regardless of their shape or style, are perfect for those who love to radiate their personality in every detail.


Earstuds are the best choice if you want to give a touch of light or color without compromising on the simplicity of shapes.


This section hosts some of the most beautiful My Golden Age parures, resulting from collaborations and contaminations of styles, that were created on the occasion of styled shoots dedicated to the world of weddings in its most original and creative sense.

Each one of these jewels, that you can find on the blog in the INSPIRATION ROOM or in our WEDDING STORIES or on the PINTEREST BOARD, can be a starting point for us to work together and create the solution that best fits your style.

the necklaces

mix and match

Thin chains of different lengths, shapes and colors, that allow for unique and original solutions, perfectly in tune with that bohemian taste for freedom and reeckless sophistication that we love immensely.

back necklace

A light chain running down your back, adding a touch of dazzle or a subtle detail, can give you that extra touch of style that you’re looking for.

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