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engagement rings

Even if you love the purity and clarity of diamonds, as the tradition goes, you might choose to set them on a coarse, imperfect ring, creating a harmonious contrast. You might choose the road less traveled and choose a different stone that best reflects your own style, instead of a traditional diamond.
Or you might choose not to follow the rules of appearance, and fall madly in love with the simplicity of essential, thin lines.

“No ring can be every girl’s dream; each woman has her own.”

“Each engagement ring is unique and I’d be happy to craft one for you.”

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gold and stones

We manufacture each 18k gold ring from RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) certified foundries and use only natural stones and conflict free, in accordance with UN resolutions.


To each style, its collection: from the traditional brilliant cuts in the DIAMOND collection, to the timeless charm of the RÉTRO collection, or the romantic recklessness of the BOHO collection and the essential shapes in the BASIC collection, all the way to the everlasting beauty of the DELUXE collection.


To each stone, its cut: from the unrivalled luminosity of the BRILLIANT CUT, perfect for the most traditional solitaries, to the soft faceting of the DOUBLE BRIOLETTE that gives brightness and refinement to semiprecious stones such as quartzes, topazes and prasiolites, or the fascinating irregularities in the ROSE CUTS, all the way to the magical curved surfaces of CABOCHON cuts.
Every model is designed to best highlight the stone it holds.

How we work

When it comes to crafting an engagement ring, the key aspect is the choice of stone, rather than the design itself.

If the desired stone, diamond or gemstone, is available in the lab, this makes the process a lot quicker. If the stone you choose is not readily available, I will get to work to find the best solution; if you have a “family” stone, we can craft the perfect ring to highlight it; and if you can’t stop by my workshop in Genoa, you can always place an order online.
Regardless of how you decide to proceed, keep in mind that a few months’ advance is required, especially in the event of custom requeste…
If you are going to propose shortly and you discovered My Golden Age too late, take a look at the rings we have in stock, and perhaps among the READY TO SHIP models in our shop you’ll find just what you were looking for!


To each bride, her own style: small brilliant cuts on a thin hammered stem, pastel-colored stones with bright highlights, rétro details or minimal lines, worked and matte surfaces or bright and shiny finishes… The possibilities, as well as their contaminations, are truly endless. When it comes to engagement rings, choosing one based on the style of the person who will receive it, without giving too much thought to the dictates of tradition, will be the winning choice.

One of a kind

Most jewels in our workshop are crafted with colored stones, many of which have nuances, inclusions, and details that make the item one-of-a-kind and not replicable. All the unique pieces in the shop are in the One Of A Kind section.

Una bellissima sorpresa

È stata una sorpresa bellissima organizzata da voi in modo perfetto.
Non ho le parole per descriverla e per descrivere la bellezza e l’unicitá di questo anello che era proprio come lo sognavo.

Chiara & Marco

Un'opera d'arte

Un enorme grazie lo devo all’artigiano più incredibile che ha realizzato, come sempre, un’opera d’arte.

Roberta e Fabrizio

mi riempie il cuore

È stato surreale e stupendo, un vortice di emozioni, una cosa mai provata prima.

Martina & Andrea

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