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The Simplicity That Captivates

This month’s launch encapsulates two specific needs: on one hand, to satisfy the frequent demand for a minimal and versatile piece of jewelry, a request that often sounds like, “Iwantsomethingsimpletoweareveryday.” On the other hand, the ever-present desire for an earring that can add that extra touch in any situation.

We must admit, combining many facets into a single piece of jewelry is never a simple task. The proposals are always numerous; they start from often complex sketches, which then get refined and simplified through a process of subtraction.

This case was no different.

We started with a dangling model and reworked it to such an extent that we decided to present two distinct but perfectly complementary pieces.

The Pois earring is a complete, simple, and colorful model when worn as a stud earring, but it can easily transform into a dangling earring, gaining brightness and movement, when paired with the jacket earrings we designed for it.

Let’s start by introducing you to the first of the two pieces in this launch: the Pois stud earring, which, like the jewelry in the same collection, features a small cabochon-cut stone.

Orecchini a lobo Pois // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

Orecchino a lobo Pois // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

Just like the necklace and the ring, the earrings are also available in various colors and stones.

For now, you can order them online choosing from: Moonstone, Pink Opal, London Blue Topaz, and Lapis, but soon this selection will be enriched with new colors and options.

Orecchini a lobo Pois // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


Want to transform your Pois earring

into a dangling model?

Let’s talk about that famous and much sought-after “extra touch” that can transform a simple, minimal stud earring into a dynamic dangling model.

Orecchini Pois + Jacket earrings Ibiza // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


Do you already have a stud earring you’d like to transform into a dangling one?

One of the most interesting aspects of this type of earring is their great versatility. Each jacket can be attached to any stud earring post. This means that to wear the Ibiza chains or one of the other jacket earrings, you don’t need to purchase the stud earrings as well. You can simply order the jacket and pair it with the stud earrings you already own.

Jacket earrings Ibiza // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


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