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What if the Northern Lights were captured in a jewel?

Labradorite is a stone that can enchant with the sparkle of its countless colors.

Its iridescent and luminous reflections so closely resemble the lights of the Northern Lights that it has become the subject of various legends. One of the most famous originates from Canada, where it was discovered.

According to the Inuit Eskimo people, Labradorite is actually the Northern Lights trapped in rock. A warrior, striking the ground with his spear along the Labrador coast, released most of the trapped lights, allowing them to continue their journey in the sky. Most, but not all..

Some lights remained in the rock and became luminous gems.

They became Labradorite.

While working with natural stones, we have come across countless stories, myths, and legends about the magical origins of gems and amulets, but never before have we been so completely suspended in disbelief.

Inuit friends, we are with you. Or rather, the entire Lab is with you. The more we observe the stones, making them sway under the rays of the sun, the more we are convinced that no other plausible explanation can exist.


What we hold in our hands are undoubtedly the lights of the Northern Lights.

Orecchini pendenti Gipsy // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

Once we decided that the July launch had to involve Labradorite, we considered the cut to propose and consequently the models to pair with the gem.

We started by imagining the most classic route, a beautiful oval cabochon cut mounted on a ring or a choker. A clean, linear, simple solution. It pleases. But for some reason, whenever jewelry decisions are easily resolved with a quick “okay,” after the enthusiasm comes apathy.

This time was no different—easy okay, but the project didn’t take off.

Easy okay, but we procrastinate as if there were no tomorrow. Or rather, as if tomorrows were infinite.

The only thing left to do was to get back around the table, this time starting not with the cut but with the models. The goal was to find the right jewelry to highlight the stone’s characteristics. At the end of the brainstorming session, Ilaria highlighted four words: tactile, untamed, large, and luminous jewelry. The perfect solution had always been in front of us; it just needed a good spear strike to release it.

Now, finally, the lights shine as never before in the models of the Boho collection. 

Gypsy earrings

The Gypsy model is our safe haven when it comes to Boho-style earrings. We have created it in many different variations, especially on request, and it has never disappointed expectations.

We were so impressed by this combination that we are considering making the limited edition with Labradorite a permanent solution within the Lab…

Orecchini Gipsy con Labradorite // photo: Olga Dimenshtein
Orecchini Gipsy con Labradorite // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


Frida ring

The Frida model is the second cornerstone of the Boho collection, one of the few models that has never needed much introduction: it pleases with its flower-shaped contour, with the choice to set small diamonds on each “petal” that illuminate without being dominant, and with the irregular and faceted cut of the central stone.

It pleases because it is a ring that does not go unnoticed.

We couldn’t have found a better guardian to encapsulate the lights of the Northern Lights in a jewel.

Anello Frida con Labradorite // photo: Olga Dimenshtein
Anello Frida con Labradorite // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


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