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Royal Purple Garnet

All the shades of purple in a single stone

It wasn’t a love at first sight kind of thing, I’d rather describe it as a slow and relentless infatuation. Yes, if I were to recount how my passion for royal purple garnet came to be, I would certainly narrate our first encounter and linger on the expression, somewhere between uncertainty and bemusement, etched on my face when, at the fair, while waiting for our suppliers to present us with the new stones in the beloved shades of greens, blues, and pastel pinks, Ilaria pointed to a very small, very purple, and very bright box and said, “you know, in the end, it’s not bad at all…”.

Anelli con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

That little box stayed next to us on the table as we were captivated by the incredible green of the lagoon tourmaline and the beauty of the petrol blue indicolites.

Still there when we chose the delicate pink morganites, the unmistakable turquoise of Paraiba tourmaline, and the cabochon cuts for our Pois.

A l w a y s .

T h e r e .

And, slowly but surely, I couldn’t help but notice that the royal purple garnet was perfect alongside each of the stones we were selecting for our creations; it seemed like the missing color specifically designed to enhance even more the ideal palette of Lab stones.

Anelli Dalia con morganite e granato royal purple // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

The Royal Purple Garnet is a particular type of Rhodolite, a gemstone with truly unique characteristics, being a combination of two garnet species, almandine and pyrope.

Its most interesting feature is its chromatic variety, which can range from the darkest and most intense purple to bright and delicate cyclamen shades.

Once back home, we took all our designs and studied them in a new light. The ultimate goal was to select the quintet that we would include in the exclusive Royal Purple Bouquet.

Well, I’m here to tell you that the five rings have been chosen, crafted, and cared for properly, and they are officially ready to reach you wherever you may be.

Here they are!


The Sirio ring quickly earned itself a place of honor among the models of the retro collection, a classic from the past that has gracefully withstood the test of time and retains great charm in every variation and color.

We knew it would be fantastic even in a more glamorous guise, and we were absolutely right.

Anello Sirio con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein



The second model revolves entirely around gentle and luminous geometries, starting from the shape of the shank, slender and square, up to the cut of the stone, octagonal on a four-prong setting.

The Asscher cut is truly special paired with this stone; every tiny facet reflects a different shade of color, and in a single glance, one can appreciate all the different nuances and intensities that purple garnet is capable of offering.

Anello Dalia con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein



The Atria ring is one of the models I hold dear. I love its extreme versatility, which, on one hand, keeps a strong connection to the style of the past, while on the other hand, highlights an absolutely modern, minimal, and geometric design. I find it irreplaceable in the quintet of the Royal Purple Bouquet.

Anello Atria con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein



Although it wasn’t an easy choice by any means, among all the models in the Deluxe collection, the Margot ring was the first to be named and selected. Given its vibrant and intense color, we decided to present the Small version of this model, with a slightly smaller central stone while maintaining the same carat weight as the diamonds in the original model.

The final result didn’t disappoint, a truly perfect balance.

Anello Margot con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein



The last ring in the Bouquet is nothing short of marvelous. Perfect and elegant when paired with stones in more classic colors, explosive and mesmerizing when presented in a palette of bright tones far from tradition.

Anello Florence con granato royal purple e diamanti // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


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