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The new boho style parure

For a couple of years now, the demand for earrings has significantly increased here at the Lab, particularly the desire for custom-made pendant earrings to complement wedding attire. For this reason, we thought it would be a good idea not only to acknowledge this renewed and lively interest by creating bespoke jewelry each time but also to dedicate time and care to crafting new earrings for the collection to offer solutions in line with the majority of the gathered desires.

The dedicated brainstorming sessions, fueled by beers and teas, as usual, have yielded some novelties and reinterpretations, including limited editions of existing models from our collections. However, we’ll have time and opportunity to discuss them in the future. Today, we want to focus all our attention and our most beautiful and enthusiastic words on a model already known and beloved within the Lab walls but not yet present online.

A model that, for the occasion, has been enriched with a brand-new piece: a long chain with thin links and a matching pendant.

Introducing the Soraya set.

Parure Soraya // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

What we love about the Soraya model and

which requests it fulfills:

The Soraya set is perfect for those occasions where creativity and freedom take center stage.

We envisioned this model by combining a clean and slender geometric shape with the movement of many little chains. We love the idea that within the same jewel, strictness and disorder coexist.

Orecchini Soraya // photo: Olga Dimenshtein

Like the Marrakesh model, the Soraya earrings also feature movable elements that bring freshness and rhythm with every step. However, in this case, we wanted the movement to be even more prominent, even more “significant,” to recreate a true dance with every gentle breeze.


We pictured the earrings paired with a long gypsy-style dress with semi-gathered or softly pinned-up hair. They are perfect for situations where the lightness of fabrics can be embellished with an extra touch of movement.

Collana lunga Soraya // photo: Giada Joey Cazzola

In imagining solutions that could meet every little request, we all agreed on one thing from the start… the Soraya model would be truly marvelous as a pendant.

It didn’t take long to turn the suggestion from one evening into reality. Today, the Soraya necklace officially joins the Boho collection, and we are increasingly convinced that it’s perfect both paired with the earrings and worn alone, possibly even as a back necklace… if the dress allows it.

Collana lunga Soraya // photo: Olga Dimenshtein


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